Updated: Oct 1, 2021

STUBBY GAMES Has announced their upcoming First Person Puzzler. "The Entropy Centre"

 Gaming animation of futuristic aircraft

The Entropy Centre is a first person puzzle game where you can rewind time.

Player's step into the shoes of Alya, who awakens alone, on a mysterious facility located on the moon. With no one in sight, players must progress through increasingly difficult puzzle areas and delve deeper into the centre. As player's progress further, more information about the facility and its purpose are revealed.

Using the handheld entropy device, you are able to rewind objects into the past. A broken platform you need to cross? No problem.

Players will progress into increasingly difficult puzzle areas, where they will have to interact with "entropy cubes", that can also be rewound in time.

A first person puzzle adventure where you can rewind time.

We appreciate your interest in The Entropy Centre!

STUBBY Games is currently a one-man development team, with a strong passion from Video Games (Particularly 1st person puzzlers!)

The Entropy Centre started as a passion project, but now STUBBY GAMES fully acticipate bringing the game to fruition.

We can't wait to share more with you soon!

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